Anaula eiland en Ferulasi stroomversnelling (Suriname)


Anaula is an island in the Suriname River🏝️🏝️. It is located in the Upper Suriname area located 170 km from Paramaribo and about an hour by boat from a departure point south of the Brokopondo stuwmeer🗾. The island of Anaula is located in the heart❤️ of the Upper Suriname area in the Suriname River, a stone's throw away from the Ferulasi rapids. The sula’s were created due the rocks that have started to accumulate by the current at the narrowing of the river. Lie in the sula feels like a natural Jacuzzi🛶🛁🌊, Only at very high water levels in the river this sula cannot be reached. Anaula is truly a gem on the Suriname River and stands for an extremely comfortable stay🏩🏯 ♥.


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